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Daily Specials

Friday November 15, 2019

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We have transitioned some of our daily specials onto our fixed daily menu. Please check the daily menu for your favorite items. The Chef will be unveiling new, unique gourmet specials each week soon!

Kahai Kitchen Daily Specials

Chicken Entrees

*We have moved some of these items onto our fixed daily specials menu*

Chicken Katsu Curry 10.95
Chicken katsu deep-fried to a golden brown on a bed of rice topped with our house made curry sauce with one side.

Chicken Combo 12.95
Chicken katsu and hibachi chicken on a bed of made to order fried-rice & choice of potato-macaroni or tossed salad.

Chicken Chimichurri Caesar Salad 11.95

Seasoned, charbroiled chicken breast topped with our house-made chimichurri sauce on a bed of crispy Romaine salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and our oil & vinegar dressing!

Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast (Healthy & Delicious) 12.95
Seasoned, herb-roasted chicken breast served with choice of steamed white or brown rice and sautéed vegetable medley (broccoli, carrots, yellow squash, zucchini and cauliflower).

Bodybuilder Plate (Healthy & High Protein) 14.25
Our charbroiled herb chicken breast with steamed brown rice, sautéed vegetable medley and two eggs any style.

Kahai Favorites

*We have moved some of these items onto our fixed daily specials menu*

Prime-Rib Loco-Moco 14.95
Kahai’s prime-rib topped with our brown-demiglace gravy, two eggs any style over a bed of steamed rice; 1 side.

Prime-Rib Friday 19.95
Herb crusted slow-roasted Prime-rib with creamy horseradish, au jus.

Beef Stroganoff Pasta 11.95
Tender slices of sautéed beef with sautéed mushrooms, onions simmered in our white wine cream sauce and served over a bed of linguini with a side of garlic bread.

Hamburger Steak Stroganoff 11.95
3 homemade hamburger patties with sautéed mushrooms & onions, finished with a creamy stroganoff sauce and finished with crispy fried onions and two sides.

Kahai Plated Bento 13.95
Boneless, marinated kalbi beef, garlic chicken, sautéed catch, panko shrimp and SPAM! with steamed rice and choice of either tossed or potato-macaroni salad.

Steak Loco-Moco & Fried-Rice 12.95
Char broiled Tri tip cooked medium to medium rare on a bed of our made to order house fried rice with two eggs any style house gravy a one side.

Fried-Rice Steak loco Moco 12.95
Charbroiled tri-tip steak cooked medium to medium rare on a bed of our made-to-order house fried rice with two eggs any style house gravy a one side.

Mo’ili’ili Mix 11.25
Pork chop katsu with stuffing and mushroom gravy with garlic chicken

Fried-Rice & Eggs 8.95
Kahai’s housemade fried-rice with two eggs any style.

Charbroiled Ribeye Steak (Paleo Special) 19.95
Seasoned, charbroiled 8 ounce ribeye steak cooked-to-order and served with a double order of sautéed vegetables; or any two sides.

Hoisin BBQ Baby Back Ribs 10.95
Seasoned and baked ribs baked until fork tender, glazed with a sweet hoisin barbeque sauce and charbroiled to perfection. Topped with a refreshingly crisp southwestern coleslaw.

Pork Chops 14.95
2 pork chops sautéed or charbroiled, served with homemade mushroom & onion gravy. approx..20 minute cooking time.

Seafood Dishes

*We have moved some of these items onto our fixed daily specials menu*

Sautéed Opakapaka 13.95
Pan seared opakapaka with a with lemon butter caper sauce topped with a fire roasted tomato relish

Crab Crusted Catch 15.95
Sautéed fresh catch crusted with real crab mix, baked and finished with a white wine cream sauce then topped with lomi-tomato.

Charbroiled Island Fresh Catch 13.25
With white wine cream sauce and roasted tomato relish. 

Local Boys Salt and Pepper Ahi Belly 12.95
Island ahi belly charbroiled to perfection with gingered ponzu and topped with a ragout of spicy tomatoes, gobo and hasu.

Ahi Duet 13.25
Furikake crusted ahi with wasabi-aioli and misoyaki ahi, garnished with shredded daikon, cucumber, carrot and namasu,

Fresh Ahi Misoyaki 13.25
Pan-seared and simmered in our house-made misoyaki sauce garnished with namasu vegetables of shredded daikon,
cucumbers & carrots.

Fresh Catch Wrap 10.95 
Furikake crusted & seared with wasabi slaw, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, cucumbers, mesculin greens and a wasabi aioli drizzle in a 12” flour tortilla wrap.

Vegetarian Option

Eggplant Parmesan 11.95
Breaded in Italian seasoned bread crumbs and deep-fried, with mozzarella and parmesan cheese served on a bed of linguine and finished with our homemade marinara sauce and a side of garlic bread.

KETO Option

Keto Style Parmesan Chicken 16.95
Charbroiled chicken breast topped with sautéed onions, red & green bell peppers, marinara sauce and melted cheese on a bed of pan-seared cauliflower served with sautéed vegetable medley of (broccoli, carrots, yellow squash, zucchini and cauliflower), one egg and half an avocado.